About Scuttlebutt

Making sense of what’s happening in our society is complicated. From the perpetual virtue-signaling to the over-reliance of water bottles, small towns across the globe are facing serious challenges. The man-bun, mommy blogs, and people who consider figure skating a sport; they’re all egregiously wrong!

So, if your typical day is stymied by self-checkout machines that always need an employee override, or your inbox is flooded with way too many over-worded emails from your kid’s school, we can commiserate.

Join us as we critically examine these quandaries and more every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else cool podcasts are found.

The Team

Rick Fink

Rick Fink has intoxicating acuity and the gift of eloquence. He is also an extremely well-proportioned gent and a former centerfold model (2011, March. America’s Best-Kept Secrets. Backpacker, 58-59.). Brutally honest and unapologetic, he promotes the virtues of judging others in order to maintain societal standards. He’s looking at you, “guy at the grocery store in the afternoon wearing flannel pajama pants!”

Liz Daly

Liz Daly is a marketing exec, wife, mom of three, and a podcaster. These are a few of her favorite things: stand-up comedy, true crime, sarcasm, ’90s rap, The Office, and salted caramel ice cream. When she is not catering to the needs of clients or children, she can be found doing yoga, reading, or watching a documentary (about true crime).

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