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We read posts from the popular Reddit community about neighborhood conflicts to determine who is the asshole. From cutting down trees to plowing snow, we cover a full spectrum of next door-disputes. Also, end-of-year school schedule overload and waking up with lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

Ask Chat GPT if artificial intelligence is a good thing and it will tell you it depends on how it is developed, deployed, and regulated, as well as the values and priorities of individuals and societies. We have many questions, and Pablo Gazmuri (Microsoft) is here with the answers. Also, parking boot heros and softcore porn in advertising.

We've curated the most irrelevant news stories from even more irrelevant small towns across the country. Catch all the latest on dick pic scams and livestock running from the law. Also, a positive customer service experience; and is gambling taking over advertising in sports? You can bet on it!

Cailin Caskey is a former Las Vegas Showgirl. Now she's a dance instructor and judge. Hey, we like judging people too! Let's start with Dance Moms! Also, a Comedians of Comedy recap, positive small-town news, and topless pool parties.

The Scuttlebuds have spoken! We read a stack of your emails, internalize them, and then wax poetic on your topics du jour. Random topics include everything from the future of AI to cat ownership. Also, shitty contractors and rainbows.

The most-watched TED Talk was given by Sir Ken Robinson who posed the question, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" A generation has passed since and yet, nothing has changed. Mark Riley sits in sharing his insights. Also, we talk about the comedy movie Mark wrote and his acting roles in various projects.

Evan Walsh joins us to share his Spring market update, recall some crazy expectations from buyers and sellers, and explain how selling a home with a dead body on the property has some challenges. Also, Liz gets a raise at work and Rick takes the stage at Nick's Comedy Stop.

Andrew Della Volpe sits in for Liz this week and shares his perspectives on hot-button small-town news stories like a recent cat rescue and the whereabouts of an antelope that escaped from the zoo. Also, listener email, and is saying, "ladies" really offensive?

There isn't an instruction manual to navigate the tribulations of daily life. But there is a Julie Dereshinsky! If you're not living your life, you can do something about it. Listening to this episode is a great start. You're on your own after that. Also, Three's Company references!

Sparkly sweater-thing? Check! Funny socks? Check! Stupid hat? Check! Congratulations, your kid is ready for another Spirit Day! Some parents beam with excitement for these special occurrences. We're not those parents. Also: a dumb husband story, a missed connection at the gym, and listener emails.