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You have better things to do than argue on the internet. Yet, for some, it's a tough urge to fight. Don't be that guy. You're better than he/him/his! Also, breaking up with your gym, breakdancing is coming back, and things that "spark outrage!"

Boys and girls are different and so often is the approach to raising them. Why? We discuss this parental conundrum while citing our own double standards and biases. Also, the worst would-be bride in human history, our live show at the Zullo Gallery and Center for the Arts is sold out, and perfect pants for the effortlessly cool mom.

Have you ever heard someone refer to something as a "nothingburger" and thought, Damn! This guy is brilliant!? Neither have we. Leave the popular buzzwords, cliches, and office jargon for the marginally intelligent. You're better than them! Also, listener emails and perhaps the most asinine product of the week in human history.

Nobody delivers Top Ten lists like David Letterman, but we'll try anyway. Top Ten Things About People That Annoy Liz, Top Ten Scented Candles We Don't Need, and Top Ten Things Rick Loves About Small-Town Moms. Also, listener emails and a new Product of the Week.

Have you taken an online quiz to find out which character on Friends you are? So many time-wasting wormholes that trap us, but there's a new life skill that can save us all. It's called critical ignoring! Also, husband-wife laundry wars and frivolously designated parking spots.

Investing can be overwhelming for some of us, especially now, so we pulled in The Volatility Wiz! Scott Murray returns to the show to share his observations and predictions on the market as a derivatives trader. Also, we have two Bungholes of the Week; one involves questionable wardrobe choices, while the other has no interest in spreading goodwill.

This podcast is getting hit up with offers all over the WTF spectrum and decisions must be made! Also, teaching your teen how to get over their first crush, the enigma of the fax machine today, and a book that might help improve this show.

Rick picks all the topics to talk about. What a dick! We're talking about drama surrounding a community pizza party, The city of Concord, NH having the world's worst Christmas tree ever, and what to do when someone else's dog keeps shitting in your house. Also, we got a kick ass new website that you need to check out! Smalltownscuttlebutt.com.

We judge people to help maintain expectations in society. We take this responsibility so seriously that we asked to be judged too. How else are we going to get better if we don't get some feedback? Also, mini mom jeans, trad wives, and kids' birthday parties at Hooters!

He's a stand-up, Boston Duck Tours narrator, and the guy who always manages to get on the evening news. Welcome to the show, Mike O'Brien. We dial him up for a conversation about his experiences growing up in a small town in Western Mass. Also, trendy turkey prep, talk-to-text trauma, and how to piss people off without trying.