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We examine some catalysts of disputes between neighbors, like snow blowers and breast- feeding. Also, controversial extra-curricular activities at school and some parent-child coaching insights.

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question. But can we agree there is such a thing as dumb people who ask questions? This week Rick and Liz get curious with some popular segments including What's in the Box? and Am I the Asshole? Also, Small Town Headlines and a game of Would You Rather?

Rick rants about the Nespresso machine that suddenly replaced his house's perfectly good drip coffee maker. We also have some listener emails. Plus, Liz digs into suburban mom stereotypes. Also, Bikini Magic with Liz!

Some parents have over-the-top expectations of teachers. We read a few emails that sound implausible but are 100% legit Also, Bunghole of the Week, insect stings, and embarrassing products we purchase at the grocery store.

Rising Boston comedian Andrew Della Volpe hangs out to discuss making the ideal summer mixtape, what's better, roller coasters vs. waterslides?, and a game of "Would you rather? Also, how to survive a bear attack and the unparalleled satisfaction of peeing in your own backyard.

Comedian Mark Riley returns for a third time! When he's not in the classroom or delighting packed crowds on stage, Mark is enriching the minds of kids at summer camp. We're talking about our summers vs. our kids' summers, the insane demand for summer camp today, and the best and worst summer camp movies. All this with added tangents that are sure to offend someone (but not you because you're cool).

Settle in for a medley of opinions across several disconnected topics, including dropping a dime on a kid breaking labor laws at his lemonade stand, Tom Cruise, touchy sports fans, and shark tourism.

We've curated a small batch of books for you to try. From true crime to historical fiction, we are certain you'll be drawn to something we recommend.

We've all been critical of those cyclists riding in the middle of the road three abreast. But what if not everyone with a bike is an entitled prick? A lot of cycling groups have cues and hand signals to communicate with each other for added safety and better road sharing. Also, Liam Kennedy talks about the Bike MS Cape Cod Getaway ride and how to get ready for the two-day, 150-mile ride from Quincy to Provincetown.

What do the Golden Girls, Canadian Border Patrol, and reclining your seat on a plane all have in common? They're sidenotes explored during our conversation about making Summer plans! From Santa's Village to the Philippines, we're exploring destinations around the world with guest comic, Pat Collins. Plus, nude beaches, and Fenway Park dugout security's A-Team.