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Hey, wanna strip down to a diaper and play with some other weirdos? Atkinson, NH has a spa for you! Also, teacher-on-teacher crime, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelse predictions, and some marketing ideas for Adam and Eve.

Rick and Liz share listener emails and some news stories. Political season, youth sports, "Man Camp", and a justified Wal-Mart meltdown. Also, another installment of "Am I The Asshole?"

New highway sign rules are omitting the use of humor. Also, when parents can't win, Liz watches True Crime, and Rick misses the Icecapades.

Let's execute this year. And by that, we mean get shit done, not wipe out death row. We're feeling optimistic so hop on the happy train with us. Also, van life.

"Workin' nine to five", "Takin' care of business," "Johnny used to work on the docks". There are so many songs about earning a living. From homicide detective to life coach, hear these guests and their cool stories about their jobs.

We're featuring six comics who appeared on the show in the past. Avail yourself to some good conversations and great laughs with Will Noonan, Mark Riley, Andrew Della Volpe, Pat Collins, Mittzy Anne Picardo, and Mike O'Brien.

Avail yourself to some highlight clips. Be amazed. Don't ask for a refund.

You know Dasher and Donner and...whatever. Did you know a good pre-arranged street fight is part of the Christmas tradition in some far-off place? Also, a frivolous reserved parking space designation was spotted at Walmart, our town's Christmas lights are a disaster, and how to set off an Avalanche of Women.

Friend of the show, Evan Walsh comes to the studio and shares some winter real estate insights. Then he presents us a Top Ten List and a new take on Elf on a Shelf.

The Hallmark Channel is showing over 40 original movies. Not four. 40! This isn't necessary so we lampoon it. Also, the crisis that has the country divided more than ever, Hall V. Oats.