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Dads. They are a unique species capable of burning dinner, fumbling with power tools, and misunderstanding their kids. Fortunately, we have sitcoms to set the record straight. Wait, whoah? We're talking about buffoon dads on sitcoms and movies! Also, mom cliques, how to crush your kid's dreams, and what it takes to be "fall cute".

Satire is important. It's supposed to make people think critically about society. Unfortunately, too many people are more concerned with protecting their feelings than questioning their perspectives. And to that, we say, "tough shit!" Also, political yard signs, Halloween candy addiction, and Australia isn't real.

Mitzzy Anne Picardo returns to the Scuttlebutt Studio to talk about her stand up comedy and speaker engagements for SpeakOUT Boston, the nation's oldest LGBTQ+ speakers bureau. Dave Chappelle's Netflix specials, pronouns, breast exams, it's all up for discussion and more!

Brand activism is just like listening to your virtue signaling neighbor except now it's coming from a corporation with a multi-million dollar marketing budget. How genuine is this? We're suspicious. Also, Kardashian crypto, carpooling, and breast milk jewelry.

What kind of decent and sensible human watches shows about murder? Women! The true crime genre is wildly popular with the ladies and we are here to investigate. Also, bad optics, hitchhiking, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

How about a seance to get into the Halloween spirit? We actually conjure a few ghosts and Liz totally freaks out! Of course we couldn't have done it without the spirit boards that Mike made. Also, Jesus and sex toys.

Banned books are important. They push controversial or uncomfortable issues. But what happens when these books come to your small town and people don't think they are age-appropriate in the middle school? Everyone fights! Grab your body armour because this ain't Reading Rainbow.

We are experts on vanity, which is pretty obvious considering we have our own podcast. Perhaps we're all a little vain so let's look in the mirror and self-assess. Join us as we critically examine ourselves and challenge you to do the same.

If you can read this, you're using tech. It's everywhere! Is that a good thing? Absolutely, when you're listening to us! Also, traffic cops with attitude, never give up the right of way, and finding fun facts about yourself.

Does your kids' school district make you fill out the same forms every year even when the information remains the same? We offer a simple solution to stop the insanity. Also, U.S. Flag Code dos and don'ts, and customer service associates who ask too many useless questions.