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Paul Maleary visits the basement to share his experience as a homicide detective who's interrogated 30 murder suspects. Now he hosts, Paul Maleary's Ex-Jobs Downloaded Podcast, and is on the upcoming television series, Vivica Fox's Interrogation Room. Also on the show, we discuss writing roasts with a kid, the tribulations of texting with an iPhone, and the evils of "Big Wheelbarrow."

Your kid is going to summer camp but her kid is going to study abroad. Who cares? Well, she does, that's who! There are some moms out there making their children seem better, smarter, and more advanced than yours. Also, dads who serve as their kid's sports agents and "Travel Dad" crushes it in Las Vegas.

One day you have complete autonomy, personal space, and a perfectly curated Netflix queue. Then you get married and it's all gone. Love makes us do some crazy things. But that doesn't mean your spouse isn't going to annoy you sometimes. Let's all get on the same page and assess what is normal and what needs intervention. Also, dating advice for the recently divorced and a debate about Barry Manilow.

There are some great neighbors out there. We found some people in small towns across America that will make you feel good after hearing what they've done. Also, impatience at the drive-thru and moms who can't navigate a parking lot.

Who says referees don't have a sense of humor? Meet Mark Riley. He lasted a week in the NHL. Today he does it all; comedy, acting, and writing. Also, he loves Oprah.

We present five news stories involving people who handle situations with "alternative" solutions. Let's examine these behaviors and decide if they are justified or out of line! Also, Rick pisses off a teacher's assistant and Liz presents a new installment of "What's in the Box?"

Press "1" to waste your time. Press "2" to press more buttons. Press "3" to speak to someone who doesn't care. Let's be honest, customer Service is abysmal these days. Thankfully, Rick and Liz have all the answers! Also, drills vs. impact drivers, doctor's office drama, and stupid contractor tricks.

We emerge from the basement to record before a live audience at the Zullo Gallery and Center for the Arts in Medfield, MA. Special guest Will Noonan performs stand-up and sits down for some fun conversation. Also, Townie Topics and other bits of fun!

There is a high school that believes withholding scholarships from high-achieving students is equitable. We believe that is the most asinine thing we've heard all week! Also, another weight loss product that's sure to disappoint, positive human experiences, and Turkish coffee is the new Adderall.

You have better things to do than argue on the internet. Yet, for some, it's a tough urge to fight. Don't be that guy. You're better than he/him/his! Also, breaking up with your gym, breakdancing is coming back, and things that "spark outrage!"