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You know Dasher and Donner and...whatever. Did you know a good pre-arranged street fight is part of the Christmas tradition in some far-off place? Also, a frivolous reserved parking space designation was spotted at Walmart, our town's Christmas lights are a disaster, and how to set off an Avalanche of Women.

Friend of the show, Evan Walsh comes to the studio and shares some winter real estate insights. Then he presents us a Top Ten List and a new take on Elf on a Shelf.

The Hallmark Channel is showing over 40 original movies. Not four. 40! This isn't necessary so we lampoon it. Also, the crisis that has the country divided more than ever, Hall V. Oats.

We came up with the phrase, "Santatization". It's when Gringy-type people continue their quest to rid Santa Claus from this world. Also, listener letters.

The Commonwealth has assembled a committee to recommend a new State seal and the bureaucracy does not disappoint. Also, protected predators on your property, Christmas lights before Halloween, and that stupid shit emoji.

Topics include The pronunciation of select words. How often should you wash your jeans? And, is swearing at your kids maybe sometimes necessary? Also, Disney is getting a "shitty" reputation and milk is gross.

Why do humans use so many cliches and trendy phrases? (It's a rhetorical question - we don't have the answer). We review a list of words and phrases that need to be gone! Also, Dave Chappelle's Boston show, the stuff trending on social media right now, and another installment of Am I The Asshole.

Some people willingly move into neighborhoods with a homeowner association and we try to figure out why. Also, listener emails.

As influencers with 339 followers, we can say, with absolute certainty, we're not that trendy. So, what's everyone looking at on Instagram anyway? Also, home improvement testimony, "What's in the Box?" And, that thing every single wife does that is so annoying.