Avail yourself to our remarkable trove of wit and wisdom. Every episode is here in chronological order for perusal and near-endless enjoyment.

Rick and Mike get their first sponsors and reveal how inexperienced they are at making advertising copy sound natural when reading it for the first time. An “instant fan of the show” delivers a parody about Medfield to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" that would even make Billy Joel lose his mind! Scuttlebutt News Anchor, Meghan Keleher leads with escaped peacocks. Jim James of Park Street Books hangs out in Rick’s basement as Rick and Mike criticize some of the terrible books he is selling to our impressionable youth. 

Strike three! These guys are out! As in, out of this world with their final pilot episode before the real fun begins! But first, Rick makes a major announcement to the residents of Medfield and specifically has words for ALL his haters on social media. You know who you are. Uh oh!

You’re back? We weren't expecting that. Luckily the show gets better as the guys try to create a format that will make up for their negligible communication skills. Rick encourages Mike to aim for national stardom! Mike shares his most intimate thoughts! The guys share their Medfield predictions! Who cares?!

Lower your expectations as Rick and Mike stumble up to the mic. In the first of three pilot installments, these guys forget to properly introduce themselves, fail to adjust audio levels to a comfortable level, and forget what they were talking about at least three times. Wait, there’s more! Mike makes a super-bold proclamation! Wow-wee!